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Art is a universal language which provokes thought and triggers emotion. When people view my work–and see in the images what I have seen–then it successfully communicates.

Good fortune has given me the opportunity to come face to face with cultures and people in many corners of the world: neighbors at our villa in Hanoi; farmers in rural Tibet; Aeta hill-tribe members and jungle survival trainers in the Philippines; wedding guests in India; crafts people in Thailand; farmers in the Northwest; powwow participants; Maasai herdsmen and Mt. Kilimanjaro guides; monks and nuns in Ladakh. The documentation of this, our human family, the sameness of its differences, the equality, is the overriding objective of my art.


I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Art Education from the University of Cincinnati in the late 70's. By mid-1984, I was living and working out of Hong Kong where I was based for the following seven years. Based on my travels in the region, I first exhibited in Hong Kong a series of paintings which grew out of the kaleidoscope of cultures and colors in which I was immersed. Since then I have continued to broaden and expand the cultures represented.

The inherent cultural variety in the work has been universally received and has led to an equally wide acceptance and distribution of the work. The work has found its way into collections in the United States, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Vietnam and France. Upon my return to the States in the early ‘90's, the principal body of my work was showcased in a major exhibition at the Frye Art Museum in Seattle. Individual works from the collection have been broadly exhibited nationally including the 44th and 49th Annual Chautauqua National Exhibitions of American Art.

I am a member of the Women Painters of Washington. I currently reside in Skagit Valley, WA.


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